At Jaymak Energy Resources Ltd, we offer tailored programs that meet the specific needs of our clients. we have identified the need to offer services that includes but not limited to the following:
  • Waste Water/Sewage Treatment Plant Design, Installations and Management
  • We develop contemporary Waste Water/Sewage Treatment systems with the most current technology which leaves our clients with a harmless, clean and green environment. Some of these is our potential award winning "Biomak II series Sewage treatment plant" which has been proven by clients and users to be very innovative and efficient in sewage recycling. The system utilises the SAF-PAFFAT Process in waste water management.

  • Hygiene and Sanitation Infrastructures for Nigeria and Developing Economies
  • To effectively and efficiently manage Hygiene and Sanitation Projects, we employ our compact Biologically Sewage Treatment unit - Biomak II. BIOMAK II is an ultra-high performance Waste Water Treatment Package that meets all International and Local acceptable Standards. It has a performance index of above 96% with minimum retention time of 8(eight) hours. The BIOMAK System comes in various modules, sizes and shapes, build with GRP, steel tanks or R. concrete depending on the size and the application.

  • Environmental Studies
  • We carry out Baseline studies of Soil, Vegetation, Wildlife, Hydrobiology, Ground and Surface water, Plankton sampling, Climatic conditions/Meteorology, Air quality, Hydrogeology and Socio-economics, Impact Assessment and Mitigation and develop Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for follow-up

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Within the scope of our professional engagements is Environmental Monitoring with experienced hands and a recognised laboratory affiliate to run sample analyses. Aspects of Environmental Monitoring we handle include Air quality, Water quality (Ground water, Surface water and Rain water), Soil, Noise levels, Vibration etc.

  • Pest Control and Fumigation
  • With the professional services of Jaymak Energy Resources Limited engaged, we would definitely leave your apartment, surroundings office area, industrial area, warehouse, etc void of reptiles and other pests with the aid of specially formulated pest control chemical compositions that are environmental friendly and government approved.

  • Supplies and Installations of Water treatment plants
  • We as well supply and install water treatment plants, reverse osmosis systems, overhead and submerged lift pumps as well as automated lift stations for your boreholes. We do supply Chlorine and other Chemical Disinfectants.

  • Cleaning Services
  • Inclusive in our service list is our professional ability to make your new Apartment, Office or Estate to get that final clean-up touch that brings out the beautiful finishing of your new structure. Using modern cleaning facilities coupled with our dexterity, we deliver your new structure as a stainless well-polished unit. We use colloidal technology which can break down mould at the molecular levels. We carry out specialised deep Cleaning Services against mould, bacteria, yeast and listeria. We rendered professional hygiene services for cool rooms, central and split air conditional systems, we clean areas where other cleaners do not see (very specialize and targeted cleaning)

  • Remediation and Pollution control
  • We undertake bioremediation services; we developed special biological formulation and cultures for excellent remediation of oil imparted sites, we do renaturation and detoxification using approved bio-formulations

  • Mobile Toilets Supply, Installations and Management
  • Are you engaged in a short term job? Outdoor events (Burials, weddings, etc), Is your construction contract in a swamp location that gives you trouble in putting up toilet facilities? Pipeline projects, Jaymak Energy resources limited have the solution to your issues. We supply and install site mobile toilets and as well carry out treatment and disposal of faecal waste from these facilities as required. We give you comfort and safety everywhere.

What We Do

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