About Us

About Us

We rebuild the Environment

Jaymak Energy Resources Ltd is a Nigerian company founded in 2012 in Warri, Delta state. The company is committed to driving a significant positive health and environmental impact in Nigeria starting with the Niger Delta region through sustainable waste management practices by improving access to safe and efficient wastewater (sewage) treatment and recycling infrastructures in line with local statutory regulatory requirements.

Jaymak is reducing surface and ground water contaminations by developing and marketing cost effective locally sourced solutions with a view to discouraging indiscriminate dumping of faecal waste fluids into our environments. Our products the “Biomak II SAF- PAFAT Process” TM is a registered trade mark of Jaymak Energy Nigeria.

Our Vision

To be a topnotch of the list of preferred strategic partners and problem solvers in the field of environmental management and sustainability consulting


Our Mission

We strive to provide consistent, ethical and cost effective technology services in environmental management and sustainability in all aspects, contributing positively to improving the standard of living for both the individual and the Community.


Our Objectives

    Our objectives include the following among others:
  • To bring affordable technological based services to the doorsteps of our clients.
  • To make environmental services very affordable by using local resources to develop environmental technology.
  • To develop a technology that supports the green earth campaign by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), thereby boosting our clients’ global reputation, example the deployment of our nascent Biomak IITM sewage treatment plant inventions to practically solve hygiene and sanitation concerns in work and business places.
  • To carry on business of environmental services including facility management, environmental management contracting, contractor servicing, and other related environmental services to private, public and corporate bodies.
  • To engage in the business that exert a reduction in the incidences of malaria, typhoid fever, infants mortality, cholera, diorrhoir and other water burn or water wash diseases of the tropics.
  • To carry out oil and gas field services, eWASH support and remediation.
  • To carry on business of supplies of environmental materials, chemicals, disinfectants, environmental gadgets and facilities.
  • To provide a leading solution to problems associated with Water, Sewage, sanitation, Hygiene and environmental degradation through the use of local technology as much as possible.
  • To carry on the business of Water borehole drilling, Water treatment plants designs and installation, Portability index assessment and complete laboratory services.

Biomak II Sewage Treatment Plant