Biomak II Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Biomak II your innovative and efficient technology in sewage recycling


Biomak II Sewage Treatment Plant

At Jaymak Energy Resources Ltd, we have invented a contenporary Sewage Treatment System, BIOMAK II: We have developed contemporary Waste Water/Sewage Treatment systems with the most current technology which leaves our clients with a harmless, clean and green environment. Some of these is our potential award winning "Biomak II series Sewage treatment plant" which has been proven by clients and users to be very innovative and efficient in sewage recycling. The system utilises the SAF-PAFFAT Process in waste water management.


The hybrid BIOMAK II sewage treatment process utilises the SAF-PAFAT process to biodegrade the complex carbonaceous organics into inert residues. Compared with other conventional Sewage Treatment Processes, such as PAF, MBBR, biodisk, RBC, trickling filters, aqua cell , activated sludge system, SAF, MBR; BIOMAK II SAF-PAFAT is proven to be very effective and reliable.

Application of Biomak II Sewage Treatment System

As effective an anti-pollution equipment, the BIOMAK II sewage treatment system can therefore be recommended for the following applications.
Remote and non-remote organizational field logistics base (FLB)
University communities with Hostels and its environs
Hospitals, hotels, and office complexes
Estates and municipality, airports
States Sanitation and Water Management Infrastructures
Company yard/ Operational offices
Shopping Mall and Plazas
Upgrade and Modification of other Biological systems
Permanent and Mobile or temporal accommodation facilities
Army and refugees camps
Ships and house boats
Offshore and Onshore camping platform